Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beginning My Greatest Adventure

Technically, every day is the first day of the rest of your life, but yesterday felt more momentousness than most. As many of my recent posts have indicated, I was very SICK last summer and earlier this fall. I still visit doctors more often than truly healthy people, but I no longer have any expectation of dying. So it's time to get back to living.

During an emergency lifesaving surgery that I had back in September, I had all my reproductive organs removed. This means giving birth is completely impossible for me. But on the bright side, no longer having periods is awesome. Being parents is still something that my husband and I want to do though, and that is what brings me to yesterday's exciting new beginning.

Last night, I attended the first training session in the process of becoming a licensed foster parent. Adoption is still an option that we are very seriously considering, but right now foster parenting feels like the right thing to do. The need for save loving homes for children who's biological parents are unable to care for them is enormous. I have a safe loving home, with a spare bedroom for a child and everything.

So that's the current plan. I'm never going to give birth. But in four to six months, I will hopefully become a mom. A foster mom. And I'm supper excited about it. Being alive is greatest thing that every happened to me.

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